Monthly Nets

There are a large number of nets available to check-in to and practice net procedures on a variety of repeaters in and around Calgary.

ARES/ACS Calgary operates a monthly net on the VE6OIL (146.610 – MHz. Tone 114.8) repeater on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 19:00 hours local time.

The purpose of this net is to train and exercise both net controllers and participating stations in radiotelecommunications procedures, test station capabilities and check signal strengths across the city and area. We extend a warm welcome to all ARES/ACS members and non-members to check in.

Stations checking in, please give your callsign phonetically, followed by your name and location.

ARES/ACS Calgary Net Control Script [pdf]
Blank Net Control logging form [xlxs]

The CAARC « Central Alberta Amateur Radio Club operate their ARES net every Sunday evening at 20:00 hours local time on the Central Alberta Amateur Radio Club VHF & UHF Systems as well as the Northern Alberta Radio Club ARES System and the SARA Link System. Those in Calgary can check in via SARA repeater VE6OIL (146.610 – MHz.Tone 114.8).